Group calls : Introduction…

The group call is a modern day “tele-satsang” that happens every Sunday for around
90 minutes. Friends seek answers from GD regarding issues about their work life,
their relationships and most importantly, their spiritual journey… continue reading.

Group calls : Feedback…

“GD’s intense presence and energy work are emitted magically through the calls.”
“With every call, it feels like layer after layer of ignorance is getting dissolved.”
“Being on the call is returning to your true nature, week after week after week.”
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Group Calls with GD – Archives

Call #181

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Be responsible, grow up
Date: 3rd March, 2019 • length: 80 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • The silent mind does not suffer • I am neither weak nor strong - I simply AM • "I have everything, but I am not happy" • Our real strength gets activated only through surrender • The true meaning of growing up • Something inside you already knows the truth • Where have you invested your passion? • We are afraid of our own intelligence and clarity • Sadness is often a strategy to get attention • We remain stuck with questions because we are afraid of the answers • Nothing needs to be healed • Don't seek anyone's attention except God.

Call #180

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Desperation and victimization
Date: 24th February, 2019 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • Christ Consciousness is our only identity • The body-mind-world simply reflects our deepest beliefs and desires • True power comes from utter powerlessness • Since all is One - there can be no opposition • Christ Consciousness is the only cause - everything else is the effect • As long as you believe you are a body, there will always be a sense of victimization • We first decide what we want to feel, then modify our perception accordingly • Real intimacy is beyond the body-mind • Stop playing on the ground floor.

Call #179

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Authenticity and Choice
Date: 17th February, 2019 • length: 55 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • Becoming serious about authenticity • In the ultimate sense, every word we speak is a lie • Confusion is a choice, not a happening • True clarity is wordless • All our stress comes from choosing between illusions • The vertical dimension of the Divine • The conflict of wanting God and the world at the same time • Our hundred desires have to become one desire • The world has no purpose except to help you awaken • You are seeking the end of seeking • Time is suffering. Timelessness is bliss.

Call #178

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The jail called personality
Date: 10th February, 2019 • length: 70 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • Don't cling to any experience that comes and goes • All human beings wear masks • A personality is a voluntary form of limitation • If you want freedom, set the whole world free • Don't be obsessed with improving the jail • Discovering the eternal vs fixing the temporary • The false fear of giving up control • All our energy is spent in preserving the temporary • Don't get attached to the Titanic • Having a single, consistent intention throughout the day.

Call #177

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Releasing all limits & becoming timeless
Date: 3rd February, 2019 • length: 75 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • GD does healing for a tight solar plexus • How we unknowingly set limits on our spiritual growth • The body-mind-person can never be free • Our greatest desire, and our greatest fear is the same - ego dissolution • Letting go of the sweet-spiritual-holy ego • Love the ego - it is simply a cute lost child wearing all kinds of masks • It is our awareness that makes a situation enjoyable • Recognising the invisible Divine presence in every situation • Time is just another part of the dream. It has no real existence • Time is death. Timelessness is immortality.

Call #176

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Date: 27th January, 2019 • length: 70 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • The mind can never reach happiness • The difficulty in making authentic life decisions • Seeking validation and comfort instead of facing the problem • True happiness is beyond whatever is happening in your life • The transcendental space of choiceless awareness • The addiction to 'understanding' and 'figuring out' • The constant hunger of the ego-mind • Session ends with a 10 minute meditation on 100% acceptance.

Call #175

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The greatest pleasure is Peace
Date: 20th January, 2019 • length: 70 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • Clearing the belief "I never get what I want" • Every ego finds creative ways to punish itself • Real peace is not boring or mundane • Your true nature is eternal fulfilment • More choices create more suffering • All panic, stress, desperation belongs to the ego • The terror of boredom • The concept of life and death applies only to the body, not to YOU • We do not know the difference between pain and pleasure.

Call #173

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100% Responsibility
Date: 6th January, 2019 • length: 65 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • We don't really see the world, we only see our thoughts about it • We don't really see people, only our beliefs, judgements and stories about them • The power of taking 100% responsibility for our perception and experience • Breaking through the illusion of guilt • We see, hear, smell, understand based on our conditioning. Nothing else is possible • Learning to see with innocent eyes • The destructive desire to be right • Your perception is just your perception, not the truth • Projection or extension, the only choices.

Call #172

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Nameless and Formless
Date: 30th December, 2018 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • The body-mind-world is created by thought, moment to moment • Every description you give about yourself is a lie • We are temporary waves in an eternal Ocean • You never find freedom... you simply realise the bondage was imaginary • Forgiveness is a tool for dissolving stuff and making it unreal • We still believe this world is better than 'heaven' • We have subconsciously set limits to receiving peace, love and God • Don't be afraid of complete dissolution.

Call #171

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The art of Unconditional Peace
Date: 23rd December, 2018 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • I could see peace instead of this (ACIM) • Peace is ever-present. We simply lose awareness of it • The world cannot dictate what you experience... only you can • Stop entering the snake pit of the past • Guilt is the ego's favorite food and fuel • The best way to avoid self transformation is to be obsessed with others • The ego is insane, and so are all it's choices • Make peace your constant companion.

Call #170

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Seeing addiction with innocent eyes
Date: 16th December, 2018 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • How to handle compulsive TV watching • Looking at addiction with innocent eyes • Nothing will satisfy you except reconnecting with your creator • We still believe the world is more valuable than God • The game of spiritual pride • The concept of 'human' itself has to go • Invite God to be your companion in addictive activities • Using Awareness and Guidance to handle addiction • Humility and softness is a great way to measure your spiritual journey.

Call #169

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Peace, love and special relationships
Date: 9th December, 2018 • length: 75 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • Use peace and contentment to measure your spiritual progress • Failure follows us as we chase goals that cannot be achieved - ACIM • What you are trying to give your son is what you are desperately seeking yourself • All 'caretakers' have a deep desire to be taken care of • What we are really desperate for in relationships is exclusivity • Learning to love like God • All human love is based on judgement • Don't make your teacher into another 'special relationship' • You are the Truth, all suffering is a lie.

Call #168

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Loving and Joining
Date: 2nd December, 2018 • length: 75 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • My relationship refuses to end properly • Whenever we are controlling, we strengthen the sense of 'me' • Being Love is the exact opposite of seeking love • Open to the truth like a flower opens to the sun • Being one with God is our natural state • Egos cannot love, they always want something • The art of Re-purposing • Don't wait for the ego's permission to be a healer • The 2 keywords for healing - Loving and Joining • Each client gives the healer an opportunity to heal himself.

Call #167

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Separation and Oneness
Date: 25th November, 2018 • length: 70 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • The unlabelled space of pure innocence • If you separate from even one person, you separate from the Divine • Discovering our shared Being • Every person we hate represents a hidden part of us • As long as we are affected by our own stories, we will keep being affected by the stories of others • The healing power of love and acceptance • Attack and defence keep the game of separation alive • Discover your Self rather than perfecting yourself • We fear oneness because we are attached to our unique, individual personas.

Call #166

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Your house is on fire
Date: 18th November, 2018 • length: 70 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • What is the ego trying to prove through this experience? • Guidance is beyond mind and logic • There is only one MIND • Use guidance to make each and every decision • Truth is beyond the reach of the senses • The body is in a constant state of fear and defense • ACIM: Attraction to the body is attraction to death • Be a witness, not a participant • Life and death are part of the dream • As long as we are trapped in specifics, we cannot get free • GD shares his 'Troubleshooting Reminders'.

Call #165

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From personal to Impersonal
Date: 11th November, 2018 • length: 70 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • Maharaj: Compromise is one of the biggest blocks on the spiritual path • All desires create suffering, even the good ones • All desires are repetitive and come from memory • Desire and fear makes the universe seem real • Maharaj: Whatever pleases you, holds you back • All egos are selfish, constantly seeking their own happiness • Most human relationships are based on sacrifice • Session ends with a powerful 25 minute meditation: From Personal to Impersonal (meditation starts around 45 mins)

Call #164

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Beyond the world
Date: 4th November, 2018 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • What are you really wanting from your spiritual teacher? • The secret of true prayer • Going beyond judgements • Our positive judgements keep the negative judgements intact • The more desperate you are, the more shallow are the results • The disappearance of the universe • When all your energies focus onto a single desire • The right use of forgiveness • The tug-of-war between desires and dissolution • Session ends with a 15 minute meditation based on the wisdom of Joel Goldsmith.

Call #163

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The trickery of desire
Date: 28th October, 2018 • length: 65 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • All suffering is created by our thinking • The desperation of wanting a romantic relationship • The ego cannot give or receive love • When we are connected to Source, there is no sense of need • The moment desire appears, suffering starts • Stop seeking outside yourself • There is no 'me' to surrender or not surrender • The real Presence is prior to time • Spiritual vs mundane questions • The sameness of all experience.

Call #162

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"Something is missing"
Date: 21st October, 2018 • length: 65 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • True happiness is causeless • Your happiness is not dependent on others. Others happiness is not dependent on you • Facing the false fear of loneliness • All sickness is some form of external seeking • 'Something is missing' stays with us from birth to death • Giving family and friends the gift of Presence • We don't acknowledge where we are really stuck • The more we hide, the more distance we create from others • Having at least 2 friends with whom we are completely transparent • This is just a conversation in a dream.

Call #161

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Avoiding the inner darkness
Date: 14th October, 2018 • length: 65 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • In order to clean our house, we must acknowledge the dirt • When you try to escape something, you make it stronger than you • The deepest, darkest part of you is just a bunch of stories • To truly support others, don't buy into their stories • Even our senses are part of the illusion • The error of making the world unreal, but keeping the 'me' real • Every student comes to teach the teacher something • Don't use spirituality to escape your real issues • Spirituality is also a form of suffering.

Call #160

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October turbulence (special healing call)
Date: 11th October, 2018 • length: 50 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • Due to the extreme stress many group members were feeling in October, GD did a special healing call to address the various issues that were showing up • This call contains 50 minutes of energy clearings for extreme anger and rage, releasing our biggest fear, releasing self judgement, dissolving sadness and helplessness, letting go of rigidity, rebellion and stubbornness, releasing the energy of addiction and lots more • Throughout the call, GD transmits a loving, soothing energy that dissolves all issues and brings us back Home

Call #159

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The willingness to let go
Date: 7th October, 2018 • length: 70 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • Process: What are you still not willing to let go of? • Peace is simple and ordinary, but the ego wants the complex and the extraordinary • Even our greatest experiences leave us seeking more • Nothingness and emptiness are not scary, they are doorways into the divine • The body is a learning device, and each pain is a lesson • You can't possess anything here, not even yourself • Whatever you are are clinging to the tightest, will cause the most suffering • Seek your security in the changeless.

Call #158

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Clearing anger and hopelessness
Date: 30th September, 2018 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • This session has lots of energy clearings for anger, resistance, wanting to escape, exhaustion, tightness in the body, hopelessness and sense of failure • Don't believe everything the body-mind is telling you • Resting in the cave of your heart • Clearings for the sense of victimisation and feeling like a slave • We dream of freedom but keep clinging to bondage • Freedom is when we stop getting entangled in the body-mind-world • The willingness to be abandoned by the world • Realising that there is no 'me' to be abandoned.

Call #157

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The power of perception
Date: 23rd September, 2018 • length: 65 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • Clearings for anger, helplessness and self bashing • We are constantly hypnotised by our own thoughts • To go into nothingness, the mind has to unhook from the world • Choose something - stop sitting on the fence • There is no path, no goal and no seeker • Our attachment to the body makes us chase money, sex, security • The ego says - I need! The spirit says - I AM • Our greatest fears and desires are created by our own mind • Loneliness can become the greatest blessing of your life • Don't glorify spiritual longing.

Call #156

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The bedrock of Peace and Forgiveness
Date: 16th September, 2018 • length: 65 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • Can judgement causes physical headaches? • Drop the desire for mystical experiences • Powerful healing process using clearing statements and forgiveness statements for guilt, failure and desperation • What to do when forgiveness does not work • As long as our learning is incomplete, the 'negative' events will keep recurring • Allow people to make their mistakes • What do you value more than peace • Powerful process to discover and release our defenses • Forgiveness statements for defense, fear and constant self-protection.

Call #155

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Misusing forgiveness
Date: 9th September, 2018 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • Consciousness itself is the culprit • What keeps us tangled in the dream is our desire for 'experience' • Perfect peace is revealed when we stop chasing and grasping • Powerful 18 minute meditation: I am sustained by the Love of God (starts around 33 mins) • Seeking love from 'outside' is an indirect way of attacking God • Using forgiveness to continue making mistakes Increasing the stakes in your forgiveness practice • Making the Peace of God your constant companion.

Call #154

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Practicing Forgiveness
Date: 2nd September, 2018 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • In this entire call, GD uses forgiveness statements to resolve the issues that are being discussed • The virus of attention seeking • All judgement is self judgement • How to forgive an rebellious child • Using sickness to get attention • Sitting on the fence (being undecided) is very painful • Hazardous belief: I don't need any help. I can do it by myself! • The desire to capture and possess someone within a relationship • The desire to be treated like a goddess • Giving up our attachment to being a victim.

Call #153

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Peace vs Perfection
Date: 26th August, 2018 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • Choosing peace in all situations • No matter what the challenge, first do forgiveness and return to peace • The desire for perfection creates a constant sense of guilt and failure • The holy instant is the pausing of all warfare • Session ends with a powerful 18 minute meditation: Releasing the desire for a perfect body. (meditation starts at 41 mins) • The body cannot give or receive love • The body, mind, world can never be perfected • Forgiving ourselves for our war with the body.

Call #152

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Loving what is
Date: 19th August, 2018 • length: 70 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • All attachment is imaginary, only in your mind • Taking revenge on the past • Stop using past events to justify present behaviour • J Krishnamurti: I don't mind what happens • Being human is just one of the billions of experiences of Consciousness • Letting go of being 'human' • Love is just one more human conditioning • Ego dissolution vs ego glorification • You are all alone in the boxing ring • Whatever is happening is perfect for you.

Call #151

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Eclipse clearings 3
Date: 12th August, 2018 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • The advantages of creating sickness in the body • Questions you can ask yourself when tackling physical issues • The only proper use of time • Perfect peace and well being are available right now • Our dreams dismiss the beauty and perfection of this moment • You are a dream character in a dream universe • Utilising the art of dual sided forgiveness • You cannot be swayed by anyone unless you want to • You and your life exist only in thoughts • From the moment consciousness appears, everything is illusion.

Call #150

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Eclipse clearings 2
Date: 5th August, 2018 • length: 55 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • This session contains 55 minutes of meditative-clearings used to balance the physical and emotional turbulence triggered by the eclipse on July 27th • Subjects include: Releasing doubt and confusion, going beyond the pendulum of the mind, creating guilt for oneself and others, our insane desires and their insane justifications, the desperation for specialness, to take on a new job or not?

Call #149

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Eclipse clearings
Date: 29th July, 2018 • length: 70 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • This session contains 70 minutes of powerful clearings used to harmonise the physical and emotional turbulence triggered by the eclipse on July 27th • Subjects include: Controlling others, the insane desire for perfection, the desperation to change the world around us, tolerating the unbearable, being fake to maintain harmony, releasing obsessive compulsive desires, moving towards genuine love and companionship.

Call #148

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What am I hiding?
Date: 22nd July, 2018 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • Do you want to protect the ego or dissolve it? • Everything you hide, remains and festers • A process to reveal what each one of us is hiding • Only the ego craves for power and control • Transparency is our true nature • How to get best results in a group setting • Letting go of the dream and the dreamer • The misuse of 'everything is just happening' • The highest use of guidance is Awakening • The prayer of transcendence • Use everything in the dream to wake up.

Call #147

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Beyond Knowledge
Date: 15th July, 2018 • length: 70 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • Every spiritual conclusion stops working after a while • Being comfortable in the state of not-knowing • This moment is everything • How knowledge itself becomes the bondage • Who would you be without any knowledge of yourself • Love, peace, joy are revealed in the absence of knowledge • Knowledge creates separation, and becomes an obstruction to love • The entire spiritual journey is imaginary • Your Being spontaneously gives you all the knowledge you need • Only a quiet mind can see its own insanity • 10 minute meditation: Resting in innocence.

Call #146

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Knowing and Being
Date: 8th July, 2018 • length: 65 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • Feeling bad or guilty is just another ego trip • The only thing you can be certain of is who-you-are • The mind can never grasp the TRUTH • Stop indulging the emotions so much • The rebellion of the ego is to seek perfect fulfillment without needing God • Don't use spiritual practices only for crisis management • The real question: Are you in? • The moment you make something too significant, you stop enjoying it • 12 minute meditation: I am Knowing & Being.

Call #145

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Make peace your priority
Date: 1st July, 2018 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • The biggest mystery: Who am I ? • The night dream is one unified piece, so is the waking state • You are within and beyond the 3 states of waking, dreaming and sleeping • The modern mind seeks excitement, not peace • When peace becomes your primary intention, every situation will change • When peace deepens, it reveals the oneness with God • The separate I is always in conflict with life • Becoming the witness of your life • 15 minute meditation: Allowing Consciousness to rest within itself.

Call #144

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The illusion of time
Date: 24th June, 2018 • length: 70 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • Stop hiding behind the word 'ego' • Time is a means to regain eternity • Holding your 'purpose' too tightly will keep you trapped in the dream • Time is a state of mind • Being alert to our compression and expansion • The experience of timelessness can be scary at first • Attachment to body is attachment to time • We are always seeking ourSelf • Saving the world without being militant • Time is an escape from God • Be a creator rather than a victim.

Call #143

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The high priest and the slave
Date: 17th June, 2018 • length: 65 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • "i am not worthy of creativity" • Learning through total living vs accumulating knowledge • The illuminating story of the high priest and the slaves • We are a completely hypnotised society • Creating in harmony with nature • The dangerous trance of advertising • To make anyone a slave, you have to take away his land • 15 minute meditation for releasing collective conditioning and hypnosis.

Call #142

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Waking up to our true potential
Date: 10th June, 2018 • length: 75 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • The conflict between ego desires and divine will • The universe is an effect, not a cause • You already know the answer to every question you have • How we keep on 'processing' to avoid making a decision • Each action of ours answers the question : Who do I want to be • How our Guidance unknowingly gets limited • Marriage and childbirth can be beautiful • Every relationship should a be love triangle (with the Divine) • The session ends with a 15 minute meditation: Discovering your divine blueprint.

Call #141

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Creating from Oneness
Date: 3rd June, 2018 • length: 55 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • The healer does not heal, he simply surrenders • What every human being truly wants • All ego activities are driven by dissatisfaction • The ego is always offering us what we don't need • The magic question: What is this for? • Ego wants name, fame, recognition. Spirit simply wants to create • What is money for? • Using the Universal Intelligence for daily guidance • Sharing, caring, serving is our true nature • Living in Guidance is like using Google Maps • Session ends with silent healing for 12 minutes.

Call #140

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Co-creating with God
Date: 27th May, 2018 • length: 55 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • We are not fully honest with anyone • Intimacy and secrecy cannot coexist • In every relationship, we seek the same thing - a sense of Oneness • Why we fear God and the spiritual teachers • Every moment, you are getting exactly what you have asked for • A fragmented mind has fragmented desires • Creating in partnership with God • We give the ego all the power it has • The challenge of Abraham.

Call #139

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Spontaneous energy healing
Date: 20th May, 2018 • length: 33 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • In this call, GD spontaneously did a 30 min. energy healing session for the entire group. You can receive all the benefits of the healing from the recording as well. Enjoy 🙂

Call #138

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Beyond all masks
Date: 13th May, 2018 • length: 55 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • This entire session is a meditative exploration of the masks we wear, and discovering who we are beyond all masks • Our true nature is nameless and formless • The game of spiritualising our desires • Every mask creates it's own set of limitations • The importance of discovering and exploring our top 3 masks • All self definitions are false • Before anything appeared, I AM • Who would you be without your identity?

Call #137

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The proving game
Date: 6th May, 2018 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • Dissolving the energy of desperation • Letting the higher self make all our decisions • The moment we get entangled in anything, the suffering starts • How our inner conflict shows up in the outer world • The 'proving' game and it's consequences at the workplace • The desire to be irreplaceable • We subconsciously believe that our fear keeps us safe • Touching the space which is beyond all problems and solutions.

Call #136

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What makes you valuable
Date: 29th April, 2018 • length: 70 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • Controlling others through our beauty • The story of every ego: I am not good enough • You are not a tiny being trapped in a body • Which pointless goals are you still chasing? • The willingness to dissolve our identity • If your dreams and goals seem valuable, don't leave them • the ego never has anything in hand - only dreams • Trying to find peace inside the boxing ring • Misusing spiritual energy • Acknowledging and expressing our true desires • No private thoughts, no people pleasing.

Call #135

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Innocent Awareness
Date: 22nd April, 2018 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • To experience anything fully, you have to be free from thought • Awareness is ever present, it simply shifts focus • Awareness and the world are like two sides of a coin - the more you focus on one, the more you lose the other • 15 minutes of powerful energetic clearings on self judgement, spiritual failure and confusions about our true nature • Discovering the disastrous consequences of believing that I am a body • Dismantling the illusion of success and failure • Nobody reaches anywhere • The Guru is like an alarm clock within the dream.

Call #134

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The bottom of the ocean
Date: 15th April, 2018 • length: 65 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • We often focus on children to escape from other issues • The 'me' that desires to be needed is unreal • Every good experience turns to bad if you increase the dosage • Avoiding relationships is not the solution • Honestly acknowledging where we are a stuck - and asking for support • It is the Source that says 'I' within you • When all lies are denied, what remains is the peace of God • The characters in a dream SEEM real, but are not real • No experience can match the beauty of Oneness with the Divine • The subtlest transmission of all.

Call #133

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Responsibility • moral law • adjusting our frequency
Date: 8th April, 2018 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • The seeker is false, and so is the one who wants to stop seeking • We constantly adjust our frequency in order to relate • The importance of understanding moral laws (karma) • Money has very little to do with our sense of security • We always do unto others what we are doing unto ourselves • Denial prolongs our problems • Healing the ego's anger at God • To see anything other than God is to perceive wrongly • How to build trust in God.

Call #132

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Unfocussing from the world
Date: 1st April, 2018 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • When we enter deep stillness, our whole life disappears • When all seeking stops, true meditation happens • Healing the compulsion to be 'nice' • The real you is unjudgeable • Go within your mind fearlessly, there are only lies inside • Our hidden desire for punishment • You can't escape the Guru within • The session ends with a 30 min. meditation on 'Releasing focus from the body-mind-world'.

Call #131

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Beyond the battlefield
Date: 25th March, 2018 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • This session has a powerful 30 minute meditation- clearing for going beyond the battlefield • Our desire to heal others is not total • No matter what is being experienced, You are unaffected • Pulling the plug on our suffering • There is nothing to prove to anybody • Handing over your gifts and talents to the Divine • Resistance disconnects us from our true nature • 15 minute general clearings for releasing anger, sadness and loneliness.

Call #130

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Handling the energies of others
Date: 18th March, 2018 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • The sacred task of Burden Bearing • The energies you pick up are part of a Divine plan • Don't fix anybody's problems, just reconnect them to Source • Letting go of the need for acknowledgement and self importance • What is dysfunctional burden bearing • Do not try to handle other people's energies with your own wisdom or strength • The wave needs to go to the ocean with every problem.

Call #129

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Anger and addiction
Date: 11th March, 2018 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • This session has 22 minutes of powerful clearings for releasing anger. Subjects include - anger at authority figures, desire to punish, the unfairness of life and God, anger at the spiritual journey, releasing anger locked in the body etc. Anger release starts at 34 mins • Dealing with smartphone addiction • What does your addiction help you to escape? • Parenting can also become an addiction • How we give anger all it's power • Each person believes that his perception is accurate.

Call #128

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Authenticity, addiction and loneliness
Date: 4th March, 2018 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • This call explores the The Work of Byron Katie on the subjects of authenticity, loneliness and addiction • Inquiry - 'I am supposed to be authentic all the time' • The dangerous desire for perfection • Why the ego judges everybody and everything • Abandonment and loneliness are just stories in our mind • Giving love to others in order to get something back • GD explains and demonstrates the 'Quantum Snake Technique' • Releasing addiction at the body level • Inquiry - 'Boyfriends help me to avoid loneliness and boredom'.

Call #127

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Our deepest desire
Date: 25th February, 2018 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • Don't be obsessed with the symbol • Our deep desire for Oneness shows up as a craving for love, sex and intimacy • Union cannot happen at the level of body-mind, only at the level of Consciousness • The ego oscillates between the desire for intimacy and the desire for separation • Withdrawing from the world is not enough • Merging is only possible with God • Running towards love, and running away from love are both games of the ego • The wave needs to discover it's oneness with the ocean.

Call #126

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Lots of clearings!
Date: 18th February, 2018 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • This call contains almost 40 mins of energy clearings on the subjects of deep sadness, loneliness and isolation, attachment to house and family, the energy of anger and blame, the desire to be right, anger at God etc • The moment we make anything in this world significant, fear starts • The more secrets we have, the more fear and isolation we create • Giving freedom to oneself and others • When your happiness depends on someone else, you will become fearful and manipulative • Love as sharing vs love as exploitation • Becoming a doormat to maintain 'peace' at home.

Call #125

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Giving and receiving love
Date: 11th February, 2018 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • The sense of receiving love is based solely on our perception • Love does not have to be sought, it is our inheritance • The sense of giving and receiving love is an illusion • We love others based on our belief systems • What sacrifices do we make in the name of love • The more we connect with the Divine, the more we become an 'expression of love' • For the ego mind, nothing is ever enough • In Oneness, who is going to love whom? • The more focussed love gets, the more stressful it becomes.

Call #124

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The burden of Specialness
Date: 4th February, 2018 • length: 70 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • How the desire for specialness makes us weak and vulnerable • Specialness is one of the greatest obstacles to Oneness • Why we rejoice at the flaws and failures of others • Comparision is an ego device, because Love makes none • Using suffering and sacrifice as a form of specialness • The special ones are all asleep, surrounded by a world of loveliness they do not see (ACIM) • The ego's unwillingness to leave the battlefield.

Call #123

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The journey of dissolution
Date: 28th January, 2018 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • The highest form of prayer is celebration of Oneness • Real witnessing is experienced only when the ego is absent • Every form of seeking is painful • All intellectual answers become useless after a while • We cannot possess the Divine, we can only be possessed by it • Our hidden and unacknowledged desires create obstacles on the path • The one question the ego does not want to answer • Pray for the day when the Divine becomes your first priority.

Call #122

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Heaven is a choice
Date: 21st January, 2018 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • Heaven is a decision I must make (ACIM) • We have asked for everything that we are experiencing • In any given moment, we are either listening to the ego or to the Divine • The spiritual teacher and the group protect you from self deception • What if fear is also our creation, our choice? • The Son of God cannot be a victim of this dream • Suffering is a wonderful part of our guidance system • if our values are wrong, our choices will continue to be wrong.

Call #121

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Living life half-hearted
Date: 14th January, 2018 • length: 55 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • Don't be half-hearted about your marriage, your job or your spirituality • Choosing things fully - or not at all • Remaining undecided is also a choice • Trash your spiritual fantasies and be authentic instead • The most critical crossroad in the spiritual journey • Fully choosing the Divine • Why we are afraid of Divine guidance • How we grow in faith • The choice that makes everything else very simple.

Call #120

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The ego and Awareness
Date: 7th January, 2018 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • Our habit of pushing joy and awakening into the future • Switching quickly from fear to gratitude • The body-mind does not experience the world, the body-mind is itself being experienced • Awareness can never be captured or held on to • The mind does not recognise Awareness; only awareness recognises itself • There are no full stops on this journey; only commas • From the perspective of Awareness, there is no journey and no destination • A healed mind no longer pulls attention to itself • The space where peace and excitement are both equal.

Call #119

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The illusory search for love
Date: 31st December, 2017 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • The illusory body-mind and it's illusory search for love • If you want to see the larger truth, stop focussing on the smaller stuff • The pain of getting love thru the body • Extending love vs begging for love • All giving and receiving is at the level of body-mind • Entering relationships with maximum awareness and minimum self-deception • The outer world accurately reflects our inner state • Interacting and relating from a space of completion • Spiritual evolution is rarely our number one priority.

Call #118

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Facing desires without fear
Date: 25th December, 2017 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • The game of sacrifice, and how the ego uses it • The story of 'me' is always going to be incomplete • The body has become our God and Guru - we spend all our time serving it • How we use spirituality to become a fake person • Exploring all desires and experiences without fear • When the Divine starts to live your life • Fear prevents us from seeing that all desires are basically nothing • If any desire is suppressed, it will trap us forever • Giving people the freedom to die.

Call #117

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Desires are not the problem
Date: 24th December, 2017 • length: 65 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • Spiritual tiredness is based on an imaginary past • Our constant desire for 'experience' • Using your children to feel wanted and needed • Making decisions based on our deepest desire • Living our desires in partnership with God • Desire is not the problem, our internal conflicts are • GD discusses answers questions about his personal state: Effortlessly being in the now - No sense of lack - Being an unbiased mirror - Being empty, yet always having access to relevant information.

Call #116

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The illusion of needs
Date: 10th December, 2017 • length: 65 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • All needs and desires arise after the sense of separation • The constant sense of 'something is missing' • Trying to heal the lack of love • The game of seeking self worth and specialness in the office • Every need is fundamentally a lie • When we get integrated, we have only one need • The ego trap involved in being 'the perfect father' • The ego is illusory - it cannot give anything or get anything • The greatest gift you can give your family and friends.

Call #115

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Our constant state of defense
Date: 3rd December, 2017 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • The divine emptiness within us cannot be harmed • In zero defense, there is zero ego • Waking up vs improving the dream • Our constant defense against poverty, loneliness, ignorance and vulnerability • The love that has nothing to do with bodies and minds • How to handle attack within a relationship • The trap of becoming a spiritual-knowledge-junkie • You are the answer you are seeking.

Call #114

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Unravelling the ego
Date: 19th November, 2017 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • The three pillars of ego: Pride, Pleasure and Attack • The goals of the ego vs the goals of Spirit • The ego-desire to be important, significant and indispensable • The ego traps of facilitators and spiritual teachers • The guru and the disciple are both part of the dream • Holding opinions lightly • Real transformation happens thru clarity, not thru force. • How to handle psychological vulnerability • Answers come thru surrender, not struggle.

Call #113

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The Light of the world
Date: 12th November, 2017 • length: 55 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • You are the Light of the Universe • The Light is constant, the body-mind-world appears and disappears • You are unaffected by anything that happens • Your only function is to 'knowingly be the Light' • We keep 'forgetting' because we still haven't chosen fully • When we are 'disconnected', we behave like beggars • The beauty and wisdom of the first two Commandments • You are always just one moment away from Truth • The body is just a reflection of the mind • Questions to ask when the body is in pain.

Call #112

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A dream character in a dream world
Date: 5th November, 2017 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • The body is a transparent, empty, holographic figure • Our dreaming is kept alive by desire, fear, conflict and drama • Statements we can use to create cracks in the illusion • We continue to dream because we want the good parts to be real • Nothing that happens here has any real significance • The ego creates tremendous suffering by trying to find happiness in this dream-world • When we discover ourself to be a dream character in a dream world, there is tremendous peace.

Call #111

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Recognising the real 'I'
Date: 29th October, 2017 • length: 55 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • There is nobody inside • Discerning between the False 'i' and the real 'I' • Everything is already accomplished • The false 'i' is always in a state of deprivation • The false need for love and nurturing • The only lie we need to correct • I shall simply be still, and watch the salvation of the Lord • There is no one within to even surrender or trust • The voice of the ego is not your voice • Discovering 'The peace that passeth understanding' • The call ends with a spontaneous but really deep meditation/healing.

Call #110

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Being single minded
Date: 22nd October, 2017 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • No sensory experience is ever going to satisfy • Using parties and social gatherings for awakening • Consistently and relentlessly using the question: What is it for? • The ego cannot love - it is always calculating • The willingness to stand apart from the crowd • The use of Service as a spiritual tool • The only two choices we will ever have • The 'I' within all living beings is the same 'I' • The speedy mind cannot discover its true nature • The higher dimension of giving and receiving • Keeping our feet in two different boats.

Call #109

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The desire to be unfairly treated
Date: 15th October, 2017 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • Real freedom has nothing to do with what you have or don't have • The body is a temporary space-suit • The part within us where all desires are already fulfilled • The ego's habit of cleverly postponing happiness • The ego has no way of finding love or peace • Our deep unconscious desire to be unfairly treated • Peace without love is not the real Peace • Why we value and treasure our grievances.

Call #108

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God's will for me is perfect happiness
Date: 8th October, 2017 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • Reaching the higher level of Love • The mature student does not waver • The desires of ego are endless and can never be satisfied • Your choice and willingness is the key to everything • Being a victim is also a choice • How we put limits on our love, joy and abundance • Ego cannot understand 'happiness for no reason' • The only condition we have to meet for receiving our divine inheritance • Our subconscious fear of happiness.

Call #107

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Being Reborn
Date: 1st October, 2017 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • This call contains around 45 mins of energetic clearings for releasing anger, resentment, self judgement, frozen tears, guilt, heart walls, and the sense of being alone and unsupported • The entire game of anger and forgiveness is part of the illusion • Clearings for asthma and breathlessness • My guilt is proof that I am not a child of God • Bad relationships and bad jobs are a form of self punishment • It is safe to be seen. It is safe to connect. It is safe to be loved • Our boundaries and barriers make us more vulnerable • The ego's self made prison.

Call #106

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No past, nothing to heal
Date: 24th September, 2017 • length: 55 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • The past is gone; and so are its effects • The past remains alive only because we subconsciously value it • The personality is completely based on past • Nothing in the past, present or future has any effect on us • We hold on to past trauma to help us handle future trauma • Seeing the world without any past • If the past has truly gone, we are 'brand new'.

Call #105

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The transparent window of Grace
Date: 17th September, 2017 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • Letting the Divine do the healing • Surrendering the final outcome of events • Nobody can block your spiritual journey, except you • Affirmation: I see the Divine in you, you see the Divine in me • We are all afraid of each other's judgement • "Be completely unwilling to accept people's misperceptions of you" • Affirming your innocence and perfection • What are you trying to prove?

Call #104

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Principles of Christian Science healing
Date: 10th September, 2017 • length: 55 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • Finally, all yearning is for Oneself • The principles of Christian Science Healing • All is God, All is Good • The Perfection that is already/always present • When there is a problem, go straight to God/Source • Discovering and affirming your innocence • There is only One cause • The ego-mind keeps finding proof for what it already believes • Finally, everything moves towards utter simplicity.

Call #103

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The infinite love within
Date: 3rd September, 2017 • length: 65 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • Operating from mind vs operating from Spirit • There is only one mind - the Divine Mind • The virus of selfishness - it's all about me! • Lester Levenson's miraculous healing formula • To have all, give all to all - ACIM • When we start serving the Divine, every aspect of our life is taken care of • Instead of being Love, we keep begging for it from others • Our higher self is an inexhaustible supply of love, peace and abundance • We don't really love anyone, it is the infinity within us that loves and embraces all.

Call #102

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Finding your complete expression
Date: 27th August, 2017 • length: 55 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • The only challenge we will ever have • The apparent conflict between transcendence and total expression • Complete expression is a dance between you and the Divine • Source energy wants to dance thru each of us • Your external world is constantly giving feedback about who you are being internally • The ego prefers security and familiarity instead of freedom and joy • The people around us are often fearful of our spiritual growth • Our love-hate-fear relationship with spiritual teachers.

Call #101

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Waking from the hypnosis
Date: 20th August, 2017 • length: 65 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • What does it mean to be in integrity • Our listening is constantly distorted by the past • The desire to be someone 'special' is part of the collective hypnosis • Who we are being is more important than what we are saying • We are contributing to the totality of Consciousness in every moment • The toxic obsession with our external behaviour and presentation • You are the blackboard before anything was written on it • Discovering the part of us that is beyond pleasure and pain • Interacting with others from the space of Oneness.

Call #100

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Living inside a box
Date: 13th August, 2017 • length: 65 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • This call contains a lot of energetic clearings for physical, emotional and spiritual healing • The trap of 'becoming' vs the joy of 'Being' • We live in little boxes called husband, wife, spiritual, unspiritual etc • Love is not possible where there is bondage or compulsion • Find internal peace before taking a rash decision • Releasing the desire to be right, to win, to teach others a lesson • The shaky definitions of success and failure • The price we pay when we defeat someone • The deepest sharing happens thru our Being, not our words • A firm decision to end the blame game.

Call #99

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Being fully Conscious
Date: 6th August, 2017 • length: 65 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • Getting stuck in the roles given by society • When we force ourselves to play any role, all love is lost • True Love is not an emotion • Releasing all the definitions of marriage • We live in an 'unconscious' state 90% of the day • The conflict between the Soul and the ego • The danger of justifying negative emotions • Only when we are Conscious, can we experience love, joy and freedom • The deep sadness that hides under our masks • The false fear of loneliness and abandonment.

Call #98

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We are programmed robots
Date: 30th July, 2017 • length: 65 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • Sherine's experience of meditating in a graveyard • None of our thoughts are original • We are in a state of constant hypnosis created by our thinking • The more we are identified with thinking, the more unstable our life seems • To see the truth about anything, we have dismiss all social conditioning • Thoughts create separation and conflict where there is inherently love and oneness • Experiencing the truth vs collecting knowledge • The powerful bondage created by the words we believe.

Call #97

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The impermanence of all things
Date: 23rd July, 2017 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • All sense of boredom comes from our conditioning • Dealing with the sorrow of losing someone • Sharing our sad stories with others often validates and strengthens them • Suffering is created only by the mind, and not by external events • The ego hates the teaching of 'impermanence' • Doing meditation in a graveyard • Please look for happiness in the right place • We need to gather ALL our energy and attention to pierce the veil of illusion.

Call #96

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The search for fulfillment
Date: 16th July, 2017 • length: 65 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • True happiness and peace are never in the future • The extra challenges of the modern day seeker • Living for a day with no desires at all • Your kingdom is not of this world - Jesus • Everything we have here is shaky and unstable • Rationing the interaction with your gadgets • Consistently following your deepest wisdom • Discovering your true inheritance • The addictive search for more knowledge and information.

Call #95

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Setting everyone free
Date: 9th July, 2017 • length: 55 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • Discovering the ways in which we postpone awakening • Whatever is worth doing, is worth doing NOW • Lies have no power • Your only problem has already been solved • Assigning 'Roles' to everybody in our life • Wanting the world to move according to our script • Trying to squeeze happiness from relationships • The joy of setting everyone and everything free.

Call #94

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Honoring your true path
Date: 2nd July, 2017 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • I will no longer value the valueless - ACIM • All decisions are easy • We don't have to give up anything, just see the truth of it • The desire to run away from everything • We don't accept total freedom because we don't want to give it • Converting your marriage into a holy relationship • How the ego sabotages the spiritual journey • The deep sadness of not honoring your path.

Call #93

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What do you really really want?
Date: 25th June, 2017 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • Setting the GPS of your life • When is it time to quit a job or relationship? • Consciousness is synonymous with Love, Peace and Wisdom • Even in our deepest relationships, we only want parts of the person • Identifying the energies within us that are not being expressed • A single person can never fulfill all your desires • Once you discover what is most important to you, all decisions are simple.

Call #92

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Praying for your enemies
Date: 18th June, 2017 • length: 70 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • The mind obsessed with past and future cannot love • The bliss of real listening • The never-ending hunger of the ego • The diamond in your pocket • The great necessity of forgiveness • The greatest strategy of the ego - make somebody else responsible • All forgiveness is already accomplished • True fulfillment is causeless • Forgiveness does not mean becoming a doormat.

Call #91

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Deceptions of the ego
Date: 11th June, 2017 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • Don't be a victim, just learn to say no • Perceiving your spiritual teacher as a threat • The ego does not trust anybody... including itself • The ego's constant mode of self protection • Idol worship: finding substitutes for God • Whatever shakes and trembles within us is not real • The ego makes the son of God into a tiny beggar • Most of our 'worldly' activities are pointless • Our 'dreaming' continues throughout the day • How much suffering do we need before we wake up?

Call #90

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The false options of the ego
Date: 4th June, 2017 • length: 65 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • This call starts with 30 minutes of energy clearing statements for releasing anger, frustration, weakness, helplessness, and deep sadness • Recognising the false options of the ego • Peace is fully present NOW - irrespective of the life situation we are in • Seeing vs solving • The ego always rejects the real answer • The appearance and disappearance of the body does nothing to You • A new process for solving stress: What's underneath this? • We are constantly escaping the wound of loneliness • Suffering happens because we expect the world to give us what it can't.

Call #89

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Love and abundance
Date: 28th May, 2017 • length: 75 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • I AM Source energy - how can anything be missing • Absolute Love, Peace, Joy is within us, all we have to do is express • The ego can never be fully satisfied • The more we give, the more we are filled up • Silently blessing everyone we meet • The error of seeking love and abundance from the outside • Stepping out of the boxing ring • The wave is always One with the Ocean.

Call #88

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The game of guilt
Date: 21st May, 2017 • length: 65 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • This call contains around 30 minutes of energy clearing statements for releasing guilt. (clearings start after 34 mins) • We all use guilt to control and manipulate each other • ACIM: The ego's attraction to guilt • Return to peace and light heartedness before giving feedback • Nobody can make us guilty; they can only trigger the guilt that already exists within us • There is no 'me' inside to feel guilty • Creating guilt is a form of violence, a form of attack • Guilt does not help us release bad habits and behaviors.

Call #87

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Joel Goldsmith
Date: 14th May, 2017 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • This call discusses the teachings of Joel Goldsmith, an amazing healer and spiritual teacher who passed away in 1964 • God has only one gift to give, the gift of Himself • Do not see divinity only in certain places and people • The ego uses judgement to avoid seeing the divinity in each moment • Thy Grace is my sufficiency in all things • We judge everyone who does not give us 'specialness' • remembering that 'God is Present' elevates every situation, no matter how difficult it seems • The space of awakening - being nothing and holding nothing.

Call #86

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Releasing addiction
Date: 7th May, 2017 • length: 65 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • Starts with small meditation: releasing the content of the mind • All addiction is an escape from a deeper discomfort • Addiction is a temporary band-aid over an ancient wound • Addictive relationships and addiction to approval seeking • Dont get into relationships to escape your loneliness and fear • Loneliness is a powerless fraud.
• Contains powerful energetic processes for releasing addiction - including the desires, the internal conflict, the self judgement, the helplessness, the fears and consequences, the guilt and shame connected to it, the obsession of figuring it out, and the ways in which we justify it.

Call #85

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The ever-present Light
Date: 30th April, 2017 • length: 65 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • Connecting with the silent witness - the light of the universe • The mature ego is no longer fooled by the attractions of the world • We learn more thru our energy bodies than our minds • The ego's addiction to 'intellectual' seeking • The importance of single mindedness • The untrained mind can accomplish nothing • Dig one deep well instead of a dozen shallow ones • Our deepest desire is to go 'Home' • The value of watching sensations in the body • The right way to look at job and career.

Call #84

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Everything is Divine
Date: 23rd April, 2017 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • When our eyes are innocent, we start seeing the Divine in everything • The ego is like a closed flower • We never see the world, only our thoughts about the world • I AM is enough, nothing more is needed • To be a true seeker, one needs consistent intent • Letting go of all cleverness and returning to innocence • You and peace are not separate - you are ONE with it • We accumulate knowledge to control and manipulate • This moment is everything • Using every situation in life to experience the Divine.

Call #83

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Being in Guidance
Date: 16th April, 2017 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • This entire call is about the various aspects of surrendering to our higher Guidance • The scattered mind cannot surrender - it needs integration first • The stronger our desires and points of view, the less we can receive Guidance • Living in Guidance is like walking hand in hand with the Divine • How specifically placed human beings raise the vibration of the planet • When you have no personal agenda left, you are in Guidance 24/7 • Love and sex give us a limited experience of merging with the Divine • Practical tips for intuitive dowsing.

Call #82

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Returning to innocence
Date: 9th April, 2017 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • GD describes his early morning experience of 'everything is Divine' • We are living in an absolute mystery - pretending to be very wise • Which part of your life are you judging the most? • The ego is not really interested in love, peace or God • Whose plan for freedom are you following? • if you know where to go, please go. If you don't know where to go, be humble and take guidance • Self deception can sidetrack any seeker for years • The prison of our 'private perceptual world' • We either return to innocence, or become extremely shrewd egos.

Call #81

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The game of specialness - 2
Date: 2nd April, 2017 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • What am I feeling in this moment? - a releasing process • The misuse of spirituality to create 'specialness' • The quest for specialness creates conflict and separation • For me to be special, everybody else has to be un-special • The wound that drives the search for specialness • Either we face our inner wound, or we spend our whole life escaping • Returning to Source is the only real answer to the ego's problems • The polarities of boredom and excitement • Joy comes from Presence, not favorable objects and situations.

Call #80

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The game of specialness
Date: 26th March, 2017 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • The desire for peace becomes one more obstacle to peace • The unconscious mind is a slave of past and future • We are like headless chickens running in ever changing directions • Spirituality becomes one more ornament for the ego • Using Facebook to create specialness • The obsession to control what others think of you • Becoming special by having unique, unsolvable problems • Discovering the special image we have created to impress others • The willingness to be utterly ordinary.

Call #79

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The Peace that is ever present
Date: 12th March, 2017 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • This is a very meditative call from start to finish • The peace we are talking about has nothing to do with external circumstances • The more speedy we are, the less we notice the bliss of this moment • Release the conditioning that peace can only be found in 'special places' • Separation is impossible. We are constantly related to everyone and everything • Each person or object can help you remember yourself... or forget yourself • The answer to Who am I? has to be experiential, not intellectual • No matter how intense the dream, we can snap out in a second.

Call #78

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Giving meaning to the mystery
Date: 5th March, 2017 • length: 65 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • The world we experience is based on our meanings and interpretations • Every character in our life is being 'created' by our mind • To see the truth about people, we need to release all meanings and labels • Relate as Consciousness to Consciousness, not as personality to personality • Being a spiritual rebel • What meaning have you given to the word 'relationship' • We create the 'angels' and 'devils' in our life • Sharing our Beingness with everyone we meet • None of our thoughts mean anything.

Call #77

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You can't serve two masters
Date: 24th February, 2017 • length: 70 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • Ego creates false illusions of being 'spiritual' • Your real Guru is the person you most want to please • A fragmented mind cannot merge with the Divine • We have multiple personalities, each with its own unique agenda • Blaming people and situations for our lack of spiritual growth • The more desire an ego has, the more blind and aggressive it gets • For the Divine to enter, we have to exit • We don't have to leave our husband and kids, just our stories about them.

Call #76

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Discovering the 'pure me'
Date: 19th February, 2017 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • Moving from 'muddy me' to 'pure me' • We constantly chase experiences in order to forget ourselves • 'Pure Me' is a crystal-clear-awake-presence with no boundaries • We are all clinging to illusions hoping they will save us • Nothing here belongs to anybody • Spiritual knowledge must lead to spiritual experience, otherwise it is just one more addiction • All suffering is caused by our own interpretation • Without your story, there is no difference between being alone and being in relationship • The dream is very complex - the truth is very simple.

Call #75

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Personality and pretense
Date: 12th February, 2017 • length: 70 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • Clearings for confusion, uncertainty and decision making • Allowing a decision to evolve organically • When our seeing is clear, decisions are easy • We are all selfish pretending to not be selfish • Living a false life to get others approval • Trying to be anything other than 'you' is suffering • What are you constantly displaying that you are not? • The false personality is always afraid of being exposed • Entering chaos willingly - an experiment.

Call #74

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Returning Home
Date: 5th February, 2017 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • Without stories, this moment is always perfect • The sense of 'me' is just an appearance • Just like a dream, the waking state is 'one single piece' • The personality can never be stable or complete • The 'seeker' is also part of the dream • Most of us neither follow desires nor transcend them - we remain stuck in the middle • A process for discovering your deepest desires • The spiritual person is always a rebel • 'me' and 'mine' are the core illusion

Call #73

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One problem, one solution
Date: 29th January, 2017 • length: 65 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • The quest for spiritual knowledge is as addictive as smoking or drinking • Ego always wants MORE of something... more money, more health, more knowledge, more security • Constant busyness is a way of escaping the Truth • Deciding to do 'nothing' is also a part of doership • The less we think, the more intelligence there is • TRUST - the most important quality on the spiritual journey • Don't make ANY thought valuable or significant.

Call #72

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The bliss of non-doership
Date: 22nd January, 2017 • length: 56 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • 'Returning to this moment' meditation • The quest to create a perfect personality • The sense of being a separate person is the core illusion • What if doership and non-doership are also 'just happening' • If there is Oneness, there can only be one Doer • The ego is always self-justified • The willingness to be wrong about everything • A guided meditation to experience non-doership.

Call #71

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Erasing beliefs about sickness & death
Date: 15th January, 2017 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • The majority of this call is about dealing with sickness (and the fears around death). The call contains lots of energetic clearings for releasing our hidden desire to be sick, using sickness as an escape strategy, using sickness to avoid honest communication, releasing our sadness and helplessness, becoming sick in order to heal others, and connecting to the space beyond sickness and death. There are also lots of powerful questions to help you discover the real reasons behind your health challenges. The call also discusses a new way to look at death, and helps release the fear of it.

Call #70

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Serving, supporting, caretaking
Date: 8th January, 2017 • length: 65 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • This call is full of clearings and insights on caring for the sick and supporting our near and dear ones • Includes clearings for fear and resistance, sadness and helplessness, the sense of overwhelm, anger at God and life, and the sense of panic, fear and guilt • 99% of our suffering is caused by resistance • The willingness to face what we don't want to experience • The amazing wisdom of 'one dish at a time' • Stop seeking peace where it cannot be found • Service without the sense of doer-ship: Karma Yoga • We are hardwired to love, to serve and to support • The ego's most persistent deception: Peace is not possible in this moment.

Call #69

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Rejecting the real answer
Date: 25th December, 2016 • length: 65 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • "Do not pray for the things you think you need" - Jesus • 25 minutes of energetic clearings for excessive desire, resistance to desire, self judgement, spiritual failure, hopelessness, and the desire to die • You are suffering because of the movie-in-your-mind • Freedom cannot be gained by changing yourself or your circumstances • Discovering the part of us that never changes • The see-saw of desire vs hopelessness • The only prayer worth praying • Using right choice to step out of the dream • Freedom from the dream-character.

Call #68

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Being defenseless
Date: 18th December, 2016 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • Our hidden desire to hold on to anger • People harm and attack because they are suffering inside • Desire is not the problem, our internal contradictions are • Suppressing desires is not 'spiritual' • The more defensive we are, the less anything new can enter • We are in a constant battle with our own thoughts • In your defenselessness lies your safety - ACIM • Every time we fight with a situation or problem, we give it more power • All thoughts are meaningless and powerless.

Call #67

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Marriage, kids & the fear of loss
Date: 11th December, 2016 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • Our suffering is never about this moment - it is about our entire past • Whenever a challenge appears, we automatically assume it is 'bad' • We remain in unpleasant situations because conflict and suffering are food for the ego • We would rather believe in our weakness than our strength • Energy clearings for releasing beliefs around weakness, helplessness, self worth, and the desperation to get married • How to engage with your children without dominating or insisting • heaven and hell are both in the mind • The carrot and the donkey.

Call #66

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The fear of waking up
Date: 4th December, 2016 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • This call contains energy releasing and clearing statements from start to finish. Subjects include feeling lost, feeling stuck, spiritual longing and yearning, spiritual exhaustion and frustration • The magic mantra: Relax and Receive • 'I have to do everything by myself' is an ego deception • Whenever we find ourselves struggling, we have lost touch with our higher self • The ego's solutions are all about fixing the outer world • There is nothing to forgive, there is no one to forgive • Sitting on the fence creates huge suffering • Letting go of the 'spiritual finish line'.

Call #65

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Everything is temporary
Date: 27th November, 2016 • length: 65 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • True wisdom arrives in the absence of thought • In Truth, there is no gain and loss • Who am I before this dream began? • Life and death are part of the dream • All suffering is attachment to form • Nothing belongs to anybody • Energetic clearings for releasing the sense of unfairness, victimization, helplessness and the desire for revenge • Whenever we are holding guilt, we are subconsciously waiting for punishment • The problem is never outside • There are no private thoughts in Oneness • Firmly deciding not to be a victim.

Call #64

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Releasing the polarities
Date: 20th November, 2016 • length: 65 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • The first 40 mins of this call contain a unique and powerful healing of the polarities • When we are aligned with our destiny, we are happy and fulfilled • Our dream is the obsession with a particular body-mind • Becoming rooted in the impersonal 'I' • To experience the permanent, we have to release the temporary • We cannot die - EVER • The 'me' stays alive thru false intellectual seeking • Stop trying to get there - just be there • Who we are is unaffected by good or bad experiences • Experiencing everything - clinging to nothing.

Call #63

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The womb of existence
Date: 13th November, 2016 • length: 65 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • returning to the 'womb of existence' - the space from where everything arises • HOME is not far away - it is exactly where you are • We are trying to find substitutes for REAL peace and happiness • What if you realised that God is always on your side • Discovering the divine innocence within us • When we are innocent, we are constantly guided • The rain-like transmission of Source energy • Learning to dance with the Divine • The insane desire to be right.

Call #62

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Healing and teaching
Date: 23rd October, 2016 • length: 70 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • If you are a healer, facilitator or spiritual teacher, this call is packed with insights to light up your path • You can never measure the true impact of your healing • It is always about you, not anybody else • Going beyond gain and loss • True healing is exactly like 'satsang' • At one point, teaching and not-teaching become the same • Consciousness knows no future • For true transformation, the divine has to be Present • Finding your true motivations for healing or teaching • Be the Oneness, see the Oneness - that is the highest healing • Use every healing situation to merge with the Divine.

Call #61

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i rest in God
Date: 16th October, 2016 • length: 65 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • The first 40 minutes are packed with energy clearings! Subjects include: Fear of the future, success and failure, abandonment, entitlement and expectations, False beliefs about money, owning our anger • In the last 20 mins, GD shares 'I rest in God' from ACIM and ends with a powerfully transformative meditation • Other topics include: If I truly grow up, no one will love me • Deleting the false beliefs associated with money • The greatest transformations happen very silently • Inviting our friends and enemies into the circle of peace - a guided meditation.

Call #60

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Food, drink, and addiction...
Date: 9th October, 2016 • length: 65 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • This session is packed with energy clearings from start to finish. Clearing subjects include: Smoking, drinking, food addiction, suppressed emotions, saying a fake yes, sacrifice, loneliness, depression, issues women face with kitchen and cooking, and the desire for love and appreciation • All addiction is an escape from what one is feeling inside • All the false meanings and significance given to food • Womens hidden hatred to food and cooking • The use of alcohol to face unpleasant situations • How to support each other in a simple, loving manner

Call #59

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The power of the Pause
Date: 2nd October, 2016 • length: 65 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • Learning to say a loving 'No' • There is no 'me' to hold on to anything • The Light in us that knows everything • The sense of a 'me' is also an experience • The tiny, mad voice in our heads • Realising the beauty and perfection of THIS moment • As long as you believe you have choice, you must choose wisely • The power of the Pause - connecting to Higher Intelligence • Whenever we say a fake 'yes', both parties will suffer • Merging into the Oneness.

Call #58

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Our fear of love & happiness
Date: 25th September, 2016 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • This call is full of powerful energetic clearings for anger, sadness, feeling trapped and helpless, seeking love and approval, and the fear of love, happiness and freedom • We judge everyone because we are afraid of love • Our spacious-loving-presence is the greatest gift we can give • GD diffuses an asthma attack in ten minutes • The new mantra: Nothing is missing • Our fear of love makes us choose wrong partners • Our future fantasies make our present miserable • We are afraid of happiness, not depression.

Call #57

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The addiction of seeking
Date: 18th September, 2016 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • The Peace that is an ever-present background • All seeking belongs to the ego • Beyond a point, seeking becomes counterproductive • Peace is present when the 'me' is absent • God, Peace, Truth are not in the future • We keep identifying with the ego to fulfill our desires • The great way is easy for those who have no preferences • Ramana Maharishi's single solution for every problem • No matter what is happening, God is present!

Call #56

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Releasing hidden anger and rage
Date: 11th September, 2016 • length: 70 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • This call has more than 50 minutes of powerful energy clearings for various emotions including anger, rage, revengefulness, it's not fair, self deception, stuckness, self judgement, feeling weak, helpless and unsupported • We are searching for the right things in the wrong places • Loneliness gets healed only when we merge with the Divine • Maintaining the status quo - our secret desire to keep our problems exactly as they are • What have I made more important than my awakening?

Call #55

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Re-purposing our relationships
Date: 4th September, 2016 • length: 55 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • Tips on 'The Work' of Byron Katie • Difficult situations help us see what we still haven't surrendered • The power of deep listening • we are upset because we are always seeing the past • The ego holds on to the past to continue attack and defense • Giving a dynamic new purpose to all our relationships • Who I AM will only be satisfied when it meets and merges with ITSELF • The statement 'happiness in within me' has to be experiential, not intellectual.

Call #54

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be uncompromising!
Date: 28th August, 2016 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • We have made our image, work and money more important than our healing • Is it time to return to LOVE • The message of Jesus: Be uncompromising • The total willingness to leave the dream • Don't be upset if the same subject shows up for healing again and again • Being a 'hopeless, useless, loser' is a lie of the ego • There is no world! • The world we see is completely our perception and imagination • Asking for Christ vision • What if the past never happened.

Call #53

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Beyond all paths
Date: 21st August, 2016 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • This call has a powerful 27-minute meditation/healing process in which we receive healing energy directly from Source. The meditation also includes healing the heart, charging the chakras and clearing the energy field • The importance of being kind to yourself • The road has paths, the sky has none • Creativity of our mind is the cause of all suffering • Giving ourselves the gift of peace, kindness, and restfulness • Our anxiety is based on 'I am not enough' or 'something is still missing'

Call #52

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Hidden motivations of the ego
Date: 14th August, 2016 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • Returning to the 'Home Space' meditation • Don't cling to that which is leaving • Our true strength and courage is available RIGHT NOW • Your desire to experience something specific creates the situations around you • The hidden joy in being a victim • Lots of powerful energy clearings around victimization and the hidden motivations of the ego • As long as our problems seem to be outside us, they can never be solved • Peace and Salvation is always NOW... but we keep pushing it into the future • The more invested we are in the dream, the more real it seems.

Call #51

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Spirituality vs relationship
Date: 7th August, 2016 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • Should I leave my relationship in order to awaken? • 15 minute clearing process around relationship issues • The ego wants to find happiness by changing the outer world • Can we be agenda-less in relationships • There is something in us that always knows what to do • How we habitually keep jumping into the battlefield • All arguments happen because of our own uncertainty • The sufis, and their awareness of 'temporariness' • Releasing the aggressive desire to be right (lots of clearing statements) • Make everybody your Guru • Heart meditation.

Call #50

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Love, family, responsibility...
Date: 24th July, 2016 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • One of the best all-inclusive clearing processes ever - a full 20 minutes of releasing! • Are some things harder to release than others • Handling the burden of family and responsibility • That which can change to hate was never love • The ego cannot understand love, it creates false imitations • Expanding your lovingness 360 degrees • The crazy conditioning of loving only one person • Doer-ship is the only problem - actually there is no giver or receiver • Being an awesome parent and caretaker.

Call #48

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The most important decision
Date: 10th July, 2016 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • The state of not knowing anything, nor trying to know anything • The trap of future happiness and perfection • Ego needs future and fantasy to survive • Everything happens at its own time • We neither explore the world fully, nor do we enter spirituality fully • Our inner Awareness is the real Guru • If you are undecided, every teacher and technique will fail • Things seem significant or not depending on where you are looking from • We are still not sure what we really want.

Call #47

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Living in Guidance
Date: 3rd July, 2016 • length: 65 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • Learning to experience each moment in its purity • Ego has a point of view about everything; Consciousness has no point of view about anything • Whatever Consciousness identifies with always seems to be the absolute truth • Subconsciously, we are always telling people how to treat us • Living in Guidance means having no agenda, no goals and no fixed points of view • A beautiful prayer to receive guidance • A clearing process to release the desperation to change others • Acknowledging that we truly don't know anything.

Call #46

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Burying the 'dead rats'
Date: 19th June, 2016 • length: 65 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • Starts with a deep meditation: What does it mean to BE awareness? • A powerful process to clear the energies of 'I NEED, I WANT, I MUST' from our system... releasing all neediness and desperation • No matter how beautiful your spiritual experience is - let it go! • J Krishnamurti's phrase 'choice-less awareness' • Releasing the desperation for instant solutions • How to handle fear • When should we 'process' and when should we 'just be'? • Using the worst situations in our life to our advantage • Finally burying our 'dead rats'.

Call #45

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"Give up all self concern"
Date: 12th June, 2016 • length: 65 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • Maharaj's advice to seekers: Give up all self concern • In the absence of self concern, the mind has nothing left to do • Seeing the various ego strategies that block the truth • our personality is a collection of scraps that have been picked up from various places • The beauty of remaining passive and unfocussed • All personalities are fearful because they are inherently empty • The ego's plan for happiness vs the spirits plan • A happy being does not cling to anything • How to handle and explore depression • The desperate goals of ego vs the playful exploration of Being.

Call #44

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...already always perfect!
Date: 5th June, 2016 • length: 55 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • Starts with a energy clearing for anger and rage • Who you think you are now, and who you think you want to be, are both just stories • Which part of you is already-always-perfect • Your perfection is beyond and prior to your body-mind • It is impossible to hold on to anyone or anything • How the 'me' sense is sustained and kept alive • What is that part of you that can exist even without the body-mind-world? • Being the space in which sounds appear and disappear • Falling in love with your Consciousness • The secret behind the 'wow' of a sunset.

Call #43

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remembering the ever-present Awareness
Date: 29th May, 2016 • length: 65 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • One of the deepest, most meditative calls ever • Where is my attention in this moment? • The mind believes that Consciousness has to be grasped • The magic of remembering Awareness during difficult situations • What, in this moment, is not changing? • Ego is compression, Awareness is expansion • Being Awareness is the greatest gift you can give your family • The ego's plan for your happiness and fulfilment will always fail • Our progress is slow because the ego does not trust the teachers or the teachings • Our job is simply to remember that-which-is-ever-present.

Call #42

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Unveiling our true nature...
Date: 22nd May, 2016 • length: 65 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • A powerful process to release emotions which are hidden in the body • A deep meditation using advaita questions • Softening and clearing the heart chakra • Letting go of the addiction to thinking • When we connect with the Divine within us, it's power and magic get activated • We are simply witnesses of Divine life unfolding • Awareness becoming aware of itself is the highest form of meditation • Each experience is proof that the Divine-witnessing-consciousness is present • The desire for Oneness is the last obstruction.

Call #41

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The Great Awake Stillness...
Date: 15th May, 2016 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • The perfection of your true nature is available right here, right now • All obstacles are caused by too little desire for freedom • No matter what is taking place, God is fully present • The moment you believe you are a body-mind, fear starts • You are the eternal witness of everything that appears and disappears • If your spirituality is not bearing fruit, the arrow of desire is pointed elsewhere • We all live in a unique world created by our own perceptions • When the mind falls silent, there is no world, there is no 'you' • The behaviour of your body-mind is relevant only to your ego • There is only one witness of manifestation • Ashtavakra's three big desires • The deep, addictive desire for knowledge.

Call #40

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Earthing, healing & energy protection...
Date: 8th May, 2016 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • Starts with a 8 minute earthing, grounding meditation • We unknowingly connect with others energy fields; we unconsciously exchange energy and information • The powerful White Rose energy clearing technique • 'Smoothing' out the edges of your aura • Specialness is a cheap substitute for Love • Love, Peace, God cannot be 'received' - the fact that they are already present has to be realised • The game of seeking starts the moment you believe in a 'me' • Knowing the presence of God in every person and situation is the best protection • The seeker, the sought, and the journey exist only in imagination.

Call #39

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The path of devotion...
Date: 1st May, 2016 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • Starts with a small meditation - dropping into the Heart • Humility is being unattached to our so-called knowledge and points of view • Devotion is a space or relationship where the burden of 'me' can be put down • Rituals are useful reminders of a higher truth • Devotion starts with lots of desires, but ends as a 'desireless dance with the divine' • Forcibly trying to give up something means our 'seeing' is still incomplete • At the peak, the devotee and the object of devotion both merge • To be a devotee is to be unburdened, fearless, and effortlessly guided • Talk ends with energetic clearings around surrender, devotion, and the fear of rejection.

Call #37

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everything is that One Thing
Date: 17th Apr, 2016 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • From start to finish, this call has a deep, silent, meditative energy • Returning to the 'home space' • All seeking takes us further from 'home' • There is no you, there is no other - there is only Divine • If the ego pauses, it is exposed as being non-existent • The desire to change the world, and the desire to be a spiritual superstar • If there is no individual, of what use is spiritual information • Don't be stupid, don't be wise... just be • From the Ocean's perspective, nothing matters, from the wave's perspective, everything matters • The mysterious transformative power of satsang.

Call #36

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I want to be free, BUT...
Date: 3rd Apr, 2016 • length: 70 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • The call starts with a solid 20 minutes of energy transmission • The call continues with powerful energetic clearings right to the end of the call • Clearing our subconscious attachment to bondage and chains • We avoid 'seeing' things, because seeing them truly would lead to change • I want everything to change, but I also want everything to remain the same • When the quest for truth is weak, we tend to wander off into various directions • We block the energy being transmitted because we are afraid of what it will reveal • The deep desire to not see or acknowledge the mess we live in.

Call #35

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The willingness to be human
Date: 27th Mar, 2016 • length: 65 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • The deepest level of meditation • The practice of right listening • Almost 20 minutes of energy clearing for communication issues, including past life punishments, lifetimes of slavery, and the false masks of strength we all wear • All guilt is unreal, all punishment is pointless • A most powerful process: praying for your enemies • Lots of powerful forgiveness statements around being human, being vulnerable and being imperfect • Clearing statements for releasing resistance to health problems and other challenges on the path • Fear is always a past memory that is coming up for healing • We fantasize about freedom, but keep choosing bondage • The freedom of the body/personality vs the freedom of Beingness.

Call #34

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I want to give up...
Date: 25th Mar, 2016 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • This extra call was held because a lot of people were shaken up by the March eclipse. So what ended up emerging were extremely deep energy clearings from start to finish. Here are some of the subjects covered • Throat chakra issues, pain, sadness, unshared suffering • Tired, battered and exhausted by life - wanting to give up • The deep sense of isolation from each other and the Divine • The sense of being let down by life, spirituality, spiritual teachers, and even God • Letting go of resistance to health problems and other challenges on the path • The habit of dumping emotional garbage on our loved ones • Lots of clearings about jealousy, competition, and seeking love and approval at the workplace • Allowing everybody in our life to love whoever they want.

Call #33

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The Sexuality call - 2
Date: 5th Mar, 2016 • length: 57 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • Forgiving our parents for being sexual (ten minutes of forgiveness statements) • Why blame sex; our whole life is about chasing sensory experience • Trying to get attention and 'specialness' thru the stories of our past • All experiences are meaningless and mysterious • GD shares his bread-butter story • During sex, each moment is being given meaning and reality by the mind • If we can enter sex without any stories, we move into the state of tantra • Our perceptions about someone being beautiful or sexy are very unstable • I am the storyteller... I am generating all my experiences, all the time • Brahma walks, Brahma talks, Brahma has sex • As long as the ego is driving the car, we need to use the power of choice.

Call #32

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The Sexuality call - 1
Date: 27th Feb, 2016 • length: 55 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • This call contains spontaneous Q&A on everything connected to sexuality. • The true desire that motivates sex • The highest point of sexuality • Stop judging masturbation, be grateful for the stress release • Setting a new intention before engaging in sex • For harmonious sex, the intentions of both partners must be aligned • All our emotional games and dramas enter the bedroom • Why sex after marriage soon feels pointless and hopeless • For sexuality to reach its peak, it must be free of the past • Do you really want your sex life to change? • Fantasies can be fulfilled, but what about the consequences • Being light hearted about everything connected to sex • An interesting process to do just before sex.

Call #31

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Spirituality and the workplace
Date: 20th Mar, 2016 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • Blindly following the laws of society and workplace • When we work with awareness, we are likely to change all the rules and structures • Stop being a mule or sheep in your workplace • Lots of clearing statements for 'speediness' and rushing • The grand illusion of future fulfillment • The highest, purest intention for spiritual teachers • The gaping hole in our Being we are all trying to fill • Lots of clearing statements to distinguish what is truly meaningful from that which is meaningless • Using our intuition and intelligence to create appropriate work life • Lots of clearings to have an authentic and fulfilling work life • Unknowingly using work to escape from ourselves and the truth.

Call #30

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Needy relationships & the fear of abandonment
Date: 13th Mar, 2016 • length: 50 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • THIS CALL IS FULL OF CLEARING STATEMENTS TO RELEASE ALL FORMS OF ATTACHMENT AND NEEDINESS IN RELATIONSHIPS, FALSE MASKS AND IMAGES, AND THE FEAR OF ABANDONMENT • Facing and releasing your biggest fear. Also releasing your attachment to it, your subconscious desire to keep it, and the past conditioning and wounds responsible for it • Finding the safety and security that lies within us • We display and show-off the opposite of what we feel inside • Dissolving the false masks and images we have created • The desire for name, fame and attention is asking for hell • Moving towards being authentically 'you'.

Call #29

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ACIM - I need do nothing
Date: 6th Mar, 2016 • length: 50 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • The final solution is to 'do nothing'? • When the ego-mind pauses, pure Being is immediately revealed • Whatever the mind creates, generates or imagines is not the truth • Truth is what exists before we even start seeking • 'I need do nothing' is a reminder that what we are looking for is already here • The more a mind matures, the more Present it is • Reaching the Divine directly rather than via complex paths • When awareness becomes aware of itself • For awareness to meet itself, it must disentangle from the world • The single biggest error: going 'outside' yourself to find peace, happiness and completion • One moment of awakening (pure presence, Satori) is not enough • Allowing the mind to be goalless, desireless and futureless.

Call #28

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the Divine within us
Date: 28th Feb, 2016 • length: 55 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • The tremendous reservoir of love within us • We expect our family and friends to validate our dramas • When we are sulking or resentful, the light of God cannot enter • Being the space of 'happy child with open arms' • The love we get from outside us is always conditional and unstable • We seek from relationship what only the Divine can give us • There is only Father • The ego is just another divine appearance • Meditation is a state where nothing is desired or rejected • Reaffirm the divinity within each person you meet • The state of zero conflict with anyone or anything • Nobody on the spiritual path can ever fail

Call #27

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What do I truly value?
Date: 21st Feb, 2016 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • The feeding frenzy of the modern mind, and its constant need for stimulation • We are never upset for the reason we think • Your problem is not the world - it is your interpretation of it • Seeking quick band-aids instead of the Truth • As long as you perceive value in the outer world, you will not stop running • All events are neutral • Am I truly willing to let go of my problem? • Your life is being driven by what you value most • Discovering the peace that is 'uncaused' • Our diagnosis is perfect, but we don't take the medicine • Firm decisions are only required when the mind is in conflict • Joy is our natural state - everything else is just a story!

Call #26

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Date: 14th Feb, 2016 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • To experience a moment FULLY is a great blessing • If we are totally in this moment, the ego disappears • Having light hearted compassion for ourselves and our spiritual evolution • The use of sulking to manipulate others • Simple honesty vs spiritual self deception • The hidden needs that create confusion in a teacher-student relationship • Every day is another opportunity to choose differently • I am always at Home, I am always one with the Divine • True listening must be practiced, moment to moment • What to watch out for when giving and receiving feedback • Without the past, you are undefinable.

Call #25

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Date: 7th Feb, 2016 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • This call is a lively Q & A session full of practical tips for all seekers • Our burden is our desperation to change the outer world • We need to answer the question: what is my life for? • Which part of your life are you still resisting • Anything we deny or suppress becomes food and fuel for the ego • Don't enter relationships for pleasure or security • Handing over our relationships to the Divine • The willingness to release winning and losing, and rise above the battlefield • It is important to acknowledge your suffering; suffering helps us make new choices • The power of innocence and defenselessness.

Call #24

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ReAwakening the Heart
Date: 31st Jan, 2016 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3

CONTENTS • We tighten and shut down in the presence of others due to judgement • Learning to be open and relaxed in the presence of others • The art of welcoming 'negative' experiences.
• This call contains a powerful 35 minute meditation/clearing for ReAwakening the Heart. This includes releasing old emotions, wounds, unacknowledged pain, past life trauma, old oaths and decisions, energetic heart walls, and all the areas of unforgiveness in our lives. The clearing also helps release the frozen tears and energies that are locked up in our throat chakra.
• The meditation/energy clearing starts at 18 mins. Please drink some water after hearing the audio as there may be some detox.

Call #23

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nothing has ever happened
Date: 24th Jan, 2016 • length: 70 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • A deeply meditative talk about perception, innocence, and the 'unreality' of all appearance.
• ACIM: The peace of God surrounds me now • Are we willing to doubt our perceptions and conclusions • Who would you be in the absence of all interpretation • Playful exploration vs spiritual desperation • Making everything unreal, one moment at a time • Just take care of this moment, that's all! • Reaching the surrendered space where we can be guided • The blissful state of 'neutrality' • Tomorrow is important only when there is no joy today • Ego dreams and fantasies are meant to distract you from the Present • The pain of the past and the joys of the future are both imaginary.

Call #22

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I am not receiving what I want
Date: 17th Jan, 2016 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3

CONTENTS • Our desperation to find the perfect state is itself the problem • Using the question: what am I escaping, avoiding, resisting in this moment? • Our hunger for food is false half the time • We limit our own receiving • We choose how much we will receive, when and from whom • Discovering the beliefs, judgements and fears that block receiving • We choose victimization instead of happiness, freedom and flow • Our ego creates the blocks and limitations, then blames everyone else, then spends the entire life trying to fix the outer world • The best practice: making everything 'unreal' • You can never really be understood because you don't really exist • In the absence of thought, all lies are exposed • If you had no thoughts, who would you be?

Call #21

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Waking from the Dream - 2
Date: 10th Jan, 2016 • length: 65 mins • format: mp3

CONTENTS • Making a list of everything that keeps us hooked in the dream world • Our 'dreaming' constantly distorts our perception of the present moment • Finally, even the game of forgiveness and spirituality are part of the dream • Try to see this moment without past or future • Your office, career, boss are all part of the dream • There only true choice possible in the dream • The dream is fuelled by our constant fixing and problem solving • Fixing the dream vs transcending the dream • True forgiveness means making the person or event 'unreal' • The misery of the dream becomes apparent only in moments of wakefulness.

Call #20

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Waking from the Dream - 1
Date: 3rd Jan, 2016 • length: 45 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • What if this is all just a dream • All suffering is caused by identifying with the dream character called 'me' • Deep down, the dream character is completely lost and fearful • We cannot hold on to anything here; not even ourselves • Our insane desire to 'freeze' the flow of life, especially our body and relationships • The dream seems significant only because the dream character seems real and significant • In deep meditation, the 'me' and the 'others' all disappear - only unbroken Oneness remains • Surrendering the dream character called 'me'.

Call #19

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Returning to Source
Date: 27th Dec, 2015 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • When we are tempted to give up the spiritual journey • Releasing the energy of pointlessness, hopelessness and depression • Awareness is neither happy nor sad • We are beyond all stories and thought forms • The only truth I can say about myself is I AM • We seek love because we want to end the deep pain of separation • Getting peace and fulfilment from the outer world is impossible • The sense of being a 'person' is just a temporary appearance • In the depths of meditation, the ego is seen as non-existent • All running and seeking takes us away from our Self.

Call #18

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The story of 'me'
Date: 20th Dec, 2015 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • We are dreaming even while awake • The story of 'me' keeps running in our heads due to unawareness • The 'me' seems reals only due to speed and rapid movement • The 'me' is always needy and incomplete - it is constantly moving towards something or avoiding something • Keep using the question: what am i unconsciously dreaming of in this moment? • The spiritual 'me' becomes even more tricky and dangerous • 'You' exist only in your imagination • The desire to understand is also part of the 'me' • No matter how spiritual the 'me' becomes, it is still an illusion.

Call #17

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Body and relationships
Date: 13th Dec, 2015 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • Why do you really go to work ? • How we manipulate our relationships for our happiness • Creating a truly spiritual relationship • Relating from the level of Oneness • God has already given us everything • How to go beyond body identification • The mind creates the sense of body • Our society's obsession with the body • Practicing what we already know • Seeing everybody as Pure Consciousness • Small experiment in pure perception.

Call #16

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The Peace that is unconditional
Date: 6th Dec, 2015 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • chasing the peace which never lasts • Expecting too much from ourselves and others is a form of spiritual violence • The infinite patience required to be a spiritual teacher • No matter what is happening, there is a level at which 'Everything is okay' • Utilizing all your relationships for spiritual evolution • Releasing the compulsion to share, explain and preach • We see and interpret everything thru our personal filters • What if nothing you see means anything • Osho story - Is that so? • Discovering the peace that is unconditional • Acim excerpt: There is no Peace except the Peace of God.

Call #15

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Opening to Grace
Date: 29th Nov, 2015 • length: 70 mins • format: mp3

CONTENTS • Starts with a deep meditation about relaxing and opening to Grace • Stop fighting, and rise above the battlefield • 'Complaint' is the chief weapon of the ego • Problems are always about past or future • Releasing the obsession with mind, knowledge and obsessive thinking • The ego demands, but cannot receive • In Oneness, there is no giving or receiving • Allowing the Truth to meet our lies • There is no such thing as 'loneliness' • What is love... what does it mean to feel 'connected' • Everything you truly want is available in this moment • All desire is based on resistance.

Call #14

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The Quest for Love
Date: 15th Nov, 2015 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3

CONTENTS • This call contains lots of energetic clearing statements to help release the old energy and belief systems about love
• Seeing the defenses and obstacles to love • How the ego actively avoids love • The pretense of love vs the real space of lovingness • The search for love is actually the search for the divine • Releasing all the ‘shoulds' and ‘musts' in a relationship • The error of blaming ourselves or our partners for the absence of love • The ego seeks the exact opposite of love • How we insist on finding love where it is not available • The quest for love creates tremendous pressure and judgement on our body • Differentiating between love and the expressions of love • Love is our true nature, seeking it outside is hell • How to make your relationship truly loving and conscious.

Call #13

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A most important question
Date: 15th Nov, 2015 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • The most important question : What is it for? • The ego is afraid to see the truth about the desires it is chasing • Defense is only required to protect lies • 'Who you think you are' determines the basis of your decisions • God has already given you everything • The primary task for us is to find our True Self - who we really are.
Clearing statements to release the controlling, planning and manipulating tendencies of ego • You don't have to give up your dreams, you just have to look at them • No action is right or wrong, It's the intention behind it that matters • The divine uses everything to deliver it's message • Finding the the willingness to surrender • If we are getting the wrong results, we are unknowingly asking for the wrong things • The biggest cause of suffering is to seek love where it cannot be found.

Call #12

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The power of forgiveness
Date: 08th Nov, 2015 • length: 52 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • This call is almost completely about the deeper levels of forgiveness • The ego transfers all its hunger and madness into the spiritual search • The most important component in forgiveness is our willingness • The end point of forgiveness is the realization that nothing ever happened • Our grievances and resentments keep us entangled in the dream world • A moment of True Forgiveness is actually a moment of Awakening
Powerful clearing statements to release the energy of punishment... wanting punishment for oneself as well as wanting to punish others.
• The way we treat people is exactly the way we treat ourselves • The infinite oneness cannot be seen as long as one is interested in the 'battlefield' • Grace is always there - we have to be open for receiving • How to invoke the help of God or spirit for complete forgiveness.

Call #10

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Dissolving into the Divine
Date: 25th Oct, 2015 • length: 66 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • The majority of this call is a deep guided meditation about dissolving into the Divine. There is about 20 minutes of Q & A, after which GD guides the group back into stillness and surrender. Throughout the call, there is deep energy work going on in the background.
• The more we relax, the more the Divine can enter • All spiritual effort creates a barrier from source • Merging with the Divine is what we truly miss in our lives • Returning to the Unbroken Oneness, which is our true home • Thought and God can never meet • Once you get some deep experiences of the Divine, it will become the most important thing in your life • Ego is a self-hypnotic process that just wants to continue • The big bluff : Spirituality means the end of all my relationships!
Lots of clearing statements to release the lies that keep us away from our true nature.

Call #9

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The willingness to SEE
Date: 18th Oct, 2015 • length: 67 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • How we are continuously obsessed with the false 'I' • Allowing Awareness to be simply as it is - without grasping • The unreality of the dream character - me, myself & I • Are we truly ready to see everything as a dream? • Letting go of selective application of the wisdom - where we apply the truth in some areas and not in others • Dissolving the solidity of ‘I’ through exploration, meditation and questioning • Letting go of self-concern and self-obsession, which is the primary game of the ego • How the mind protects itself against the Truth • None of this is real... none of this means anything!

Call #8

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When Awareness meets itself
Date: 11th Oct, 2015 • length: 60 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • How the false 'spiritual persona' delays our progress • Relating with people in awareness • Aloneness may be the greatest gift you can give yourself • How we go on creating the cycle of guilt and sacrifice in relationships.
(The second half of this call is more about Consciousness, meditation, and realizing our true nature)
• Awareness is like candle light - soft, gentle and unfocussed • When awareness becomes aware of itself - that is meditation • In awareness, we start experiencing life as a 'witness' rather than as a 'doer' • In our true nature, we have access to tremendous bliss, creativity and intelligence • All desires pull us out of awareness • Underneath all fears and disturbances is deep stillness and peace.

Call #7

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Integrity and choice
Date: 4th Oct, 2015 • length: 67 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • Fear appears when we are out of integrity with ourselves • The ego has a tremendous attraction to guilt • Desire is fundamentally based on a lie • Energetic clearing statements to release the sense of incompletion and the sense of 'something missing' in our lives • Ego's plan for happiness or awakening is always going to be deceptive • There is never ever a situation in life where there is no choice • Clearing statements to release sense of victimization, justification, and excuses • Using relationships for our evolution and awakening.

Call #6

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Frustration with spirituality
Date: 20th Sep, 2015 • length: 55 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • The things that we receive are exactly what we have asked for • Ego projects its flaws outside in order to feel better about itself •Clearing statements to release any anger, frustration and uncertainty about the spiritual journey • Awareness lets us pause for a moment and saves us from indulging into habitual behaviors that we been doing for many years • Asking the right questions to uncover the real cause of the panic • All events (especially negative ones) are happening 'for you' in order to facilitate your evolution • Clearing statements to release our resistance towards challenges • Deep Meditation to help you connect with the space of welcoming, openness & love.

Call #5

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Chasing desires
Date: 13th Sep, 2015 • length: 50 mins • format: mp3

CONTENTS • Challenges in life are good, they test your spiritual growth • Resistance to anything just extends the suffering • We live in an extraordinary Ocean of peace • Desire creates time and future. Every desire takes you away from the Now • Ego is perpetually in a state of incompletion • When all ‘grasping’ disappears, what remains is the peace of God • True peace and joy is causeless. It is already there; it just needs to be discovered • Clearing processes to release the ‘compulsion’ of chasing desires.

Call #4

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Money and freedom
Date: 6th Sep, 2015 • length: 50 mins • format: mp3

CONTENTS • True certainty and security is possible only thru the divine • finding freedom has nothing to do with the amount of money you are having • Money is one of the strongest substitutes for the absence of God in our lives • Faith is the opposite frequency of fear. When we vibrate at a frequency of faith, trust, and surrender, everything we need comes to us • The diamond (divine consciousness) in our pocket can be discovered only when we let go of the world • Clearing statements for releasing some of the beliefs around money.

Call #3

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Specialness and victimization
Date: 30th Aug, 2015 • length: 55 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • All spiritual knowledge is incomplete without your direct experience • Meditation is a must to ‘confirm’ your oneness with God • Your life is a feedback mechanism that shows what you have truly desired • Ego uses everything (including spirituality) to create a stronger sense of ‘I’ • Ego loves the wheel of Victimization and Specialness • Spirituality is the discovery of who we are beyond the body-mind.
Lots of powerful energetic clearings on the subject of Specialness & Victimization.  

Call #2

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Ego and the sense of separation
Date: 25th Aug, 2015 • length: 50 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • Ego is just a sense of separation. And it always operates from a space of fear and greed • It is very difficult for the ego to love. For the ego, love means a place where its needs are getting met • Ego is an illusory thing • It needs stories to keep itself alive… stories of villains and struggle and victimization • When all stories are absent, we get a glimpse of our true nature which is pure, loving awareness • If a ‘bad’ situation is remaining for long, understand that at some level you want it • If you are using this moment correctly, you will never worry about the future.

Call #1

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Being in the Now
Date: 16th Aug, 2015 • length: 55 mins • format: mp3 

CONTENTS • All emotions are nothing but physical sensations. When the mind does not label them, these sensations start to transform • How to welcome and breathe out ‘negative’ stuff • Accessing the part of our being which is beyond happiness & sadness • Beyond all polarities is bliss • Ego needs past and future to survive • Spirituality should be a lighthearted journey • What you are searching for has already happened • Merging with God happens not through struggle or cleverness, but through surrender.